We Invite You To Our Sunday Worship Service!

Immediately following Sunday School at 11:00 AM



In light of the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus, worship service has been suspended until further notice.  While we not be meeting together at the church we will be posting a sermon and prayer on Facebook each of those Sundays.  Please join us on Facebook or return to this page.  If you view on this page, you may need to click on the video and unmute the speaker.



While we trust in the Lord and have faith that all is in His hands, we also remember God's word calls us to live wisely and in love for one another.



Reverend Todd McCoy

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  We welcome you to First Greenwood Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. This congregation believes its purpose is to bring men, women, and children to Christ, to enable them to discern their new identity as disciples, to help them live as God’s people in the world, and to equip them to bring others to Christ through worship, training, study, service and fellowship. 


There are several key action words in this statement that outline our commitments as a congregation:


  • Bring: it is our desire to introduce others to Christ so that they too can make their profession of faith that Jesus is Lord.
  • Enable: we strive to help believers, both recent converts and life-long Christians, to discern their identity in Christ.
  • Help: life in this world is difficult and the ways of this world challenge faith.  We desire to help people live as God’s people and live a Christian witness in every circumstance of life.
  • Equip: working together to build one another up in faith, we seek to equip believers to bring others to Christ through worship, training, study, service and fellowship.


If you do not know the Lord, we would love to help introduce him to you.  If you do know the Lord, we would love to have you come and serve him with us.