Our church takes God’s call to go into the entire world and make disciples very seriously (Matthew 28:18). Therefore we support missions both locally and internationally. Through our denominational mission’s agencies, World Witness and Outreach North America, we support missionaries in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Some of these missionaries are on the frontlines of persecution as they bring hope to their local people

Extending Christ

Here are some of the ministries through which we Extend Christ to people around the world.

Greenwood Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church also supports in particular Juan Carlos and Ruth B in Spain, Mesut and Hilal M in Turkey, Sebastien and Patti  B in France, Frank and Emily V in Lithuania and Rachel and Rob T in the USA. (see the Missions bulletin board outside the Fellowship Hall for more information) Rachel and her family are special to our congregation since Rachel was raised in our church and so we partner with them in their ministry to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to that area.

The Missions team also supports other mission interests financially or through mission trips such as Camp Joy, Reach the Children of Rwanda International (RCRI) as well as Humphrey Kanga orphanage in Africa. Please see the below links for additional information on the above.